Tom Bedolfe

    Photo of Tom Bedolfe General Manager Contact

    Brendan Johnston

    Photo of Brendan Johnston General Sales Manager Contact

    Matt Pilot

    Photo of Matt Pilot Sales Manager Contact

    Nick Serino

    Photo of Nick Serino Used Sales Manager Contact

    David Pommer

    Photo of David Pommer Fixed Operations Manager Contact

    Gord Rae

    Photo of Gord Rae Parts Manager Contact

    Karim Esmail

    Photo of Karim Esmail Assistant Parts Manager Contact

    Sales Department

    Eric Anderson

    Photo of Eric Anderson Product Advisor Contact

    Johan Periz

    Photo of Johan Periz Product Advisor Contact

    Nickolas Streeter

    Photo of Nickolas Streeter Product Advisor Contact

    WenLong Guo

    Photo of WenLong Guo Product Advisor Contact

    Zhiyu (Victor) Zhan

    Photo of Zhiyu (Victor) Zhan Product Advisor Contact

    Josh Salangsang

    Photo of Josh Salangsang Delivery Coordinator Contact

    Financial Services

    Amani McLeod

    Photo of Amani McLeod Financial Services Manager Contact

    Kevin Clarke

    Photo of Kevin Clarke Financial Services Manager Contact

    Mark Loughery

    Photo of Mark Loughery Financial Services Manager Contact

    Administration and Support

    Desiree Itzke

    Photo of Desiree Itzke Warranty Administrator Contact

    Gillian Kerwin

    Photo of Gillian Kerwin Dealership Administrator Contact

    Lot Attendants and Detailers

    Ali Xie

    Photo of Ali Xie Sales Detailer

    Anthony Reilly

    Photo of Anthony Reilly Sales Detailer

    Jonah Cornish

    Photo of Jonah Cornish Sales Detailer

    Kane Janz

    Photo of Kane Janz Sales Lot Attendant

    Michael Opina

    Photo of Michael Opina Infiniti Service Detailer

    Ray Ronquillo

    Photo of Ray Ronquillo Sales Detailer

    Sebastian Salangsang

    Sales Detailer

    Service Department

    Aleah Yazhar

    Photo of Aleah Yazhar Service Consultant Contact

    Garret Solnes

    Photo of Garret Solnes Service Consultant Contact

    Kory Soloway

    Photo of Kory Soloway Service Consultant Contact

    Justin Osadac

    Photo of Justin Osadac Shop Foreman

    Bertrand Murray

    Photo of Bertrand Murray Technician

    Emilio Gonzales

    Photo of Emilio Gonzales Technician

    Glen Dzioba

    Photo of Glen Dzioba Accessories Installer

    Mark Knight

    Photo of Mark Knight Technician

    Mike McIvor

    Photo of Mike McIvor Technician

    Neil Goebel

    Photo of Neil Goebel Technician

    Patrick De Guzman

    Photo of Patrick De Guzman Technician

    Patrick Parong

    Photo of Patrick Parong Technician

    Robert Gill

    Photo of Robert Gill Technician

    Veronica Silva

    Photo of Veronica Silva Apprentice Technician

    Vincent Campbell

    Photo of Vincent Campbell Apprentice Technician

    Parts Department

    Paolo Porley

    Photo of Paolo Porley Parts Consultant Contact

    Rob Mercredi

    Photo of Rob Mercredi Parts Consultant Contact

    Arvin Bergonia

    Photo of Arvin Bergonia Parts Driver

    Owen Holbrook

    Parts Shipper / Receiver

    Birchwood Infiniti

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